We are prawling the “Blue Ocean” are you wanna join us? Take a chance...
Business Support
The Network Administrator monitors and administers the core network infrastructure that supports our business systems and end users.
Support a mixed environment of Windows, Linux and Mac Workstations in a diverse, highly technical user environment.
Creative Production
We are seeking a UI/UX designer with a portfolio that demonstrates examples of compelling experiences that draw on the results of user research and workflow analysis.
We are looking to hire a superstar UX Designer with a strong UX understanding.
Director will oversee user research and field trials
Director will develop strategic customer journeys and engaging direct communication programs.
Product Management
App Review Manager will lead a team of specialists focusing on ensuring quality AI/AR apps and content on the DINA platform.
App Review Specialist to help establish a world-class developer platform for AI/AR experiences.
Software Engeneering
We are looking for Engineer who will use Deep Learning knowledge in the Computer Vision field to design and implement algorithms
We are looking for the best in deep learning
We are looking for a driven, independent thinker and open-minded machine learning / deep learning software engineer.
Researching and developing state of the art Image Processing and Computer Vision algorithms.
You will work on creating ground truth data for all computer vision teams at DINA.
We are looking for Ninjas and Jedi's to implement various applications.
We are looking for Test Engineer for embedded and system test development and validation of our AI/AR system
The Test Engineer will focus on analyzing requirements, developing and maintaining manual and automated test cases in line with ongoing agile development.
Candidates will be responsible for maintaining, testing and calibrating a variety of hardware mobile platforms composed of multiple sensors.